Dermagist Neck Cream

Dermagist Neck Cream Review Score: 97/100

The market is getting more and more congested with creams claiming to be engineered specifically for the dermagist neck creamneck area. Most of them are nothing more than a standard moisturizer, cleverly packaged as a neck cream. There are a very few elite products that TRULY BENEFIT THE NECK. This product, the Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream, is a fantastic and refreshing example of a cream precisely engineered for the neck, that successfully treats, firms, and tightens even the oldest-looking neck area.

Our search for the best neck cream lead us to the Dermagist brand, after we had seen such other glowing reviews about this product online. We eagerly tried it, and were left absolutely blown away by how well this product worked on loose neck skin, and the incredible science behind the ingredients it contained. Clearly, we had uncovered a very serious treatment for loose neck skin. Learn more at the Dermagist Website for their neck cream.

As you know, we grade neck creams on several potential aspects we find vital:

Ability to have an instant effect - In this regard, the Dermagist neck cream really wowed us. It contains Sesaflash, which is a natural derivative of the sesame plant. It deeply moisturizes the skin, and has an incredible firming and tightening property. Unlike many instant tighteners that create a film on the skin, Sesaflash has NO film and has NO uncomfortable tightening feeling. It is a very nice addition to this cream.

Ability to tighten and firm Extremely Loose neck skin - Dermagist really outperformed the rest in this category. It contains multiple peptides that actually boost your skin’s ability to produce Collagen and Elastin. These are produced well by our skin when we are young, but as we age, our skin drastically slows in their production. By stimulating your skin on the DNA level, your skin produces more collagen and elastin and in short, firms and tightens ITSELF over the long term. It’s like “healing” your loose skin.

Potential for Firming and Tightening - Stem cells derived from a species of apple from Switzerland have been infused into this cream. They essentially mimic your skins own cells and can stimulate the growth of new, fresh skin cells that are firm, healthy, and bright.

Visit the Dermagist Website for their neck cream.

Bang for your Buck - We haven’t touched on several of the other ingredients in this cream, but frankly, after we had a month of use, we didn’t care. The RESULTS were all we could talk about. No doubt, this cream could easily cost $500 if Dermagist wanted to package it differently and jack up the price. Instead, they keep the price reasonable at $99 per bottle or $129 for two. Each bottle is a 60 day supply, so that’s actually very reasonable. Dermagist also offers a “Replenish and Save” plan for customers who want to save 20% and get the product automatically every 45 days. We did the one-bottle price, since we were only doing a review, but no matter which delivery option you choose, the Value is DEFINITELY there, considering the results you will get and the scientific “superstars” that this cream contains.

Overall, we have determined that the Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream is superior to all other neck creams on the market. We recommend it, and give it a rating of 97/100.

Visit the Dermagist Website for their neck cream.

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